About WRO International

We believe in what technology makes possible.

WRO International is a digital transformation firm on a mission to discover and back the world’s greatest purpose driven SMEs & entrepreneurs, help them digitalise, catalyse and capitalise companies at scale and build thriving global ecosystems. We believe in what technology makes possible. Innovation is our driving force. We are passionate about applying technology in collaborative ways to empower and impact lives daily. Our solution-based technologies are redefining the scope of possibilities in improving lives and helping solve the world’s toughest challenges through digital intervention.

Helping Startups and SMEs since 2012

WRO International Sdn Bhd started out providing internet technology services for small & medium enterprises (SMEs), ranging from website design, digital marketing and SAAS software. WRO International has served over a thousand companies across 42 countries, mainly in Malaysia, the United States and Singapore since 2012. WRO International Sdn Bhd is proactive in digitalising and capitalising companies which serve a greater purpose and generate long-term value for markets and for society.

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Core Value 1

First Happy Customer

We believe good product is the first key of the success. We practicing the culture of we are the first happy customer to the product/service that we sell and partner with in order to build up a healthy business circle.

Core Value 2

Extend The Limit

Nobody can limit yourself. We practicing a culture of be honest to yourself by understanding your own limit. Stay away from your comfort zone to unlock your ability, keep challenge yourself to extend your limit.

Core Value 3

Improving 1% Everyday

Keep ourselves growing everyday, just 1% improvement is good enough in our daily life. We not need to expect big improvement in one time, just need a small improvement in each day, continuously.

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